Thursday, October 29, 2020

There Was a Teacher Who Swallowed a Fly

In an art classroom not too far away, 

a room full of 4th graders lay victim and prey; 

to a redheaded teacher; 

who wasn't in the mood to play.  

She grew tired of their tomfoolery as they yarn weaved, on a beautiful Tuesday.  

Turning her facade over, 

to a side that was intimidating and less than okay, 

she quieted them down 

before she could say; 

And just then as she had her lecture on play, 

a fly flew in her mouth and she went grey! 

Gagging and hacking through her throat, 

she put up quite the display! 

The children were a riot 

as they almost hollered hooray; 

as their redheaded teacher became the victim (not them), 

and saved and made their day!  

And then they recited to me: "There was an old lady who swallowed a fly, my oh my, I think she might die!" 

***insert eye roll***

“Well, excuse me kids, but I’m still well into my heyday,  

Now get back to work on your art projects okay?!” 

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