Friday, November 23, 2012

A Bucket List of Sorts

Since being home, and witnessing my dad under the affects of cancer and chemotherapy, it has inevitably forced me to think of my own life, and my mortality.  So I felt compelled to write up a bucket list for myself.  Much of my bucket list is traveling, as I do have the "bug," but much of it also reveals a sort of purpose filled desire.  It should be a fun read, and hopefully my sharing might inspire others to do the same.
(Listed in no particular significance or order)
1.  Sky diving 
2.    Create a photo scrapbook of all the stages in my life

3.  Be part a campaign of sorts
4.  Run a marathon (done and check - twice over baby!)
San Francisco Marathon, August 2010!  
Philadelphia Marathon November 2011!  

5.     Befriend a once thought of enemy

6.     Teach overseas

7.     Give a motivational/inspiring talk

8.     Help start an organization

9.     Save a life

10. Have my 15 minutes of fame on T.V. 

11. Complete a triatholon (of any length)

12. Write a book

13. Climb one of the 7 highest points in the world

14. Learn how to Tango & Salsa dance....well!

15. Pick up on Modern Jazz dance - again

16. Learn one other language 

17. Go para-sailing

18. Water ski

19. Witness a miracle 

20. Meet someone famous (who I actually like)

21. Get a Masters Degree

22. Go on a hot air balloon ride

23. Go to an Olympic game

24. Fall in love

25. Teach someone how to empower himself or herself  

26. Conquer all my demons

27. Furnish one room (at least) of all recycled material; with my own pizzazz too of course. 

28. Bungee Jumping (done and check)

29. Be part of a relief effort 

30. Hop on a boat through the Panama Canal 

31Tour Lima

32. Zip line through the Canopy in Costa Rica 

33Take a picture with a Lama at Machu Picchu 

34. Go to the southernmost tip of South America - Cape Horn

35. Explore Cape Point

36. Go quad biking in the Egyptian Desert from Sharm el Sheikh 

37. Go on an African Safari

38. Ride a camel while visiting the Ancient Egyptian pyramids

39. Dine on the Nile 

40. Sightsee in Israel

41. Float in the Dead Sea - and live to tell the tale

42. Experience Moroccan food and culture

43. Search for Africa's "Big Five"

44. Tour Dubai 

45. Tour Jordan's famous landmarks

46. Experience a Tea Ceremony in Asia

47. Walk the Great Wall of China (not the whole length of course) 

48. Tour picturesque Chinese towns and villages

49. River boat cruise to see the Ayutthaya Temples in Thailand 

50. Tour the Hong Kong Island 

51. Sightsee in Tokyo

52. Travel around Japan by train

53. Ride an elephant in Bangkok

54. See the Giant Buddha on Lantau Island

55. Visit the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary in Kuala Lumpur 

56. Take a bullet train to Mt. Fuji 

57. Stand on Istanbul soil while looking across the Sea of Marmara into the Asian Continent

58. Explore Spain’s medieval capital, Toledo

59. Tip-toe through tulips from Amsterdam

60. Visit Stone Hedge

61. Sightsee in Barcelona

62. Go to Switzerland's High Alps 

63. Visit the Royal Castles of Neuschwanstein and Linderhof

64. Go on a day trip to Capri (done and check)
Study Abroad Housemates 2006!  

65. Take a gondola ride in Venice (done and check)
I think I was the one taking the picture.  =) 

After the gondola ride, we took a bike ride on one of the smaller islands right off of Venice.   

66. Visit Normandy

67. See Michelangelo’s David (done and check)
Waist up; keeping it PG rated!  Look at those abs...

68. Explore Paris’ top museums and attractions

69. Take a Day Trip to Pompeii (done and check)
Study Abroad 2006 group.  Day trip to Pompeii.  Entering a theater.

Streets of Pompeii.  

On top of Mt. Vesuvius! 

70. Tour Tuscany & the Leaning Tower of Pisa (done and check)
Amalfi Coast, Italy.  

A small village in Italy - during mardi gras! 

Hadrian's Villa

More of Hadrian's Villa!

71. Explore Ancient Rome and the Colosseum (done and check)
Last night Abroad at the Trevi Fountain.  Housemates!! 
A night out in Trastevere - a local spot in Rome!

Late night at the Spanish Steps!

The Colosseum! 

The Colosseum on Good Friday - stations of the cross!

72. Skip the Lines in Vatican City (done and check)
The Vatican!
Inside St. Peter's Basilica - breathtaking! 
Laying out on St. Peter's Square - yup that's me.  
On top of St. Peter's Dome. 

73. Explore the Giant Redwoods at Muir Woods (done and check)
SFSU Newman, hiking retreat 2009! 
SFSU reunion of sorts - 2011

74. See a Luau in Hawaii (done and check)...sadly no pictures, as these are all on conventional film and prints; and just haven't gotten around to scanning 'em.  ***waawaa***

75. Day Trip from Vancouver to Whistler

76. Party on the Strip in Vegas

77. See a Broadway Show

78. Day Trip to Quebec City from Montreal

79. Day Trip to Victoria from Vancouver

80. See the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

81. Climb Half Dome in Yosemite

82. Go Wine Tasting in Napa and Sonoma

83. See a Cirque du Soleil Show (done and check)...nada pics of this either, BUT twas spectacular!!!

84. Go Sightseeing in Washington DC (done and check)
Capitol Hill - Spring 2011.
Lincoln Monument - SSJ Mission Corps Volunteers.  Spring 2011
Zee White House. 
The Washington Monument.  

85. Niagara Falls

86. Go Sightseeing in New York City (done and check)
Central Park - winter 2012. 

Times Square - October 2010
Statue of Liberty - October 2010
Liberty Island, looking at the Manhattan Skyline - October 2010 

Times Square at night with some Jesuit friends of mine - Winter 2012

Brooklyn Bridge, - Feb 2012 

87. Visit Kangaroo Island

88. See an Opera at the Sydney Opera House

89. Cruise Sydney Harbour

90. Ride the Kuranda Scenic Railway

91. Ride the Puffing Billy Steam Train

92. Explore Green Island along the Great Barrier Reef 

93. See the Penguin Parade in Australia

94. Sightsee in Sydney

95. Tour the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne 

96. Experience Waitomo Caves & Rotorua in New Zealand

97. Tour the Central Australian Desert

98. Tour the Sights of New Zealand 

99. See the Australian Outback, and learn how to throw a boomerang

100 Scooba Dive or Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef 

Yes, I know I put items on my bucket list that I’ve already done or accomplished – so what?!  Besides, I’m sure some of those I’ve done, others’ would put it on their bucket list, so I wanna give myself credit knowing that I’d put them on regardless.  Don’t judge!  =)

( 14 down, 86 items to go! )

Here’s to living!

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